Green is the New Black

I make custom HeroClix (mostly of Green Lanterns and related characters) and take posed photos of my action figures. I tend to make customs in bursts, so this page may go un-updated for some time only to have a half dozen figures go up in one day.

Monday, June 13, 2005

HeroClix custom: Katma Tui

Name: Katma Tui
Made from: Rookie Saturn Girl
Date: April 2005

My first custom HeroClix, a simple repaint. I wish there were more female Green Lanterns, honestly. The fact that Dave Gibbons is bringing a woman from Korugar to the Green Lantern Corps in the upcoming Recharged miniseries is encouraging, but I still miss Katma.

Looking at her now I can see she's in need of some retouches (she could really use another coat of white), but I'm still pleased with how she came out, especially concerning her eyes.


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